Hollywood, California

When I found out that there was a very haunted Japanese restaurant in the Hollywood area, you just knew I had to "investigate" lol. This extraordinary establishment that is Yamashiro was initially a mansion built in 1914 up in the Hollywood hills, created to resemble a Japanese palace. It was later converted into a brothel & makeshift hotel in the 1940's & eventually became a restaurant which it is now known for today. It has been a hotbed for paranormal activity, most notably sightings of a woman weeping in the bridal room. There have also been reports of a male figure who is speculated to be either one of the former bartenders or one of the owners who is buried in the gardens within.

After taking a stroll inside you could definitely sense some pretty heavy energies around. All I know for certain is the food & ambiance was incredible & I did manage to encounter many spirits.. of the alcoholic variety lol.

The view of Los Angeles is spectacular, especially at night & the service was excellent. You know me, whenever "there will be food, & drink & ghosts" I am all about it. 1st time ever since I started doing my “Ghosts, Graves, & Good Eats Tour” that I had all three covered in one place!