The Wedgwood Inn
New Hope, Pennsylvania

While in New Hope, PA I had the pleasure of staying at the Wedgwood Inn, which seemed to pop up the most as far as haunted places in the area & very rich in history when I was doing my research. This beautiful Victorian B&B was built in the 1870's upon the stone structure of a Colonial era building from 1720 & also happens to be the very spot where George Washington & the Continental Army camped before the famous crossing of the Delaware. It is said that a soldier's remains was found in the chimney. Later the basement tunnel & secret staircase was used to help escaped slaves make their way to safety through the Underground Railroad, including Sarah a young girl who has been known to be the building's most social of permanent residents. I must say even if the place wasn't haunted I would definitely stay there just to catch up on writing, such a wonderful muse it was. Though I can say with relative certainty that I had some roommates of the underworld, making my stay there all the more incredible 🍻👻