Another of many reasons I had to return to Gettysburg was to dine at one of its oldest & most historic establishments: The Dobbin House Tavern. Built in 1776 by Irish immigrant the Reverend Alexander Dobbin, it acted as a home for his very large family & also as a liberal arts college of sorts. In the mid 1800's a secret crawl space there was used to help shelter runaway slaves from the Underground Railroad & after the battle of Gettysburg was utilized as a field hospital for wounded soldiers on both sides. The incredible restaurant that it is now has been exquisitely preserved & very much what it was 2 centuries ago. The food & drink, ambiance, & the service was absolutely phenomenal. I honestly would have to say that you haven't fully experienced Gettysburg unless you have experienced the Dobbin House. Slainte 🥂🔥

The Dobbin House Tavern
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania