The infamous Gardette-LePrete House, more commonly known as the “Sultan House”. It was built in 1836 by Joseph Coulton Gardette & later sold to Jean Baptiste LaPrete to be used as a winter home. During the Civil War LaPrete fell on hard times & decided to rent it out for extra $ to a man named Prince Suleyman, who claimed to be a Sultan from the Middle East. He moved in with a whole entourage of people, including his family, body guards & purportedly a harem of girls. There were extravagant parties on a regular basis with the sounds of drumming & the overpowering scent of incense filling the streets becoming a fixture of the area. One morning a neighbor was passing by & noticed it was eerily quiet, there were no guards & the front door was ajar.  Upon further investigation he quickly noticed a gruesome scene: blood was dripping down the stairs & oozing out the doorway. When the police arrived they found that everyone there had be murdered, beheaded, and dismembered, body parts strewn all over! It was later discovered that Suleyman was in not actually a prince but the brother of one, it is suspected that his brother may have tracked him down & ordered the killings out of revenge.  Though only speculation, no one was ever caught for the slayings. There have been many owners since then & a considerable amount of reports of paranormal activity such as hearing footsteps, voices, screams, Middle Eastern music, the scent of incense & some have reported seeing the Sultan himself.

"The Sultan House"
New Orleans, Louisiana