Sometimes you just want to go out for some good eats & the drink at a place that will make you want to drink out of the skulls of your enemies even more than you already do", well one such place is the Scandinavian/Viking themed: "Skål Beer Hall" in Seattle, WA. Having been in Norway almost a year to the day prior & being a bit of a Northman myself, couldn't think of a better place to go viking. It has a fine medieval tavern sort of feel with a modern twist, a good & eccentric menu of Scandinavian style fare & an excellent selection of local & imported beers, ciders & ale. Although limited, there are some good options for my herbivore friends & if you're on a liquid diet it certainly won’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it, definitely worth the visit. Skol 💀 🍻

Skal Beer Hall
Seattle, Washington