Site of the infamous "Salem Witch Trials" between 1692-1693 where more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft, 20 of whom were executed. Known as "Witch City" Salem is a remarkable place with a very storied history & no shortage of haunts. To name a few: *"The Corwin House", a nearly 400 year old structure & only remaining building with direct ties to the witch trials. The former home of Judge Jonothan Corwin who sat on the court that sentenced the accused witches to death. This hotbed of activity is thought to be haunted by some of those who were executed as well perhaps the judge himself & some of his children who died very young.
*Another notable haunt is the Salem Lyceum, now known as "Turner Seafood", formerly a place of intellectual gathering that hosted such speakers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Quincy Adams, Frederick Douglass & Alexander Graham Bell. With considerable poltergeist activity it is thought to be haunted by Bridget Bishop who was hanged during the Salem Witch Trials.
*Naturally nothing says haunted like an old cemetery & "Old Burying Point Cemetery" is certainly no exception. Established in 1637 it is the oldest in Salem & one of the oldest in the country. One of its most notable permanent residents & perpetrator of the paranormal activity there is said to come from Judge John Hathorne, aka the “Hanging Judge.”
*Speaking of Hathorne, I conclude with "The Turner House" which also known as "The House of 7 Gables". Built by Captain John Turner in 1668 it was also called home at one point by author Nathaniel Hawthorne who obviously wrote "The House of 7 Gables" & "The Scarlet Letter". & happened to be related to Judge Hathorne but was so ashamed he altered his last name. Several apparitions have been reportedly seen there including a little boy in the attic and a woman thought to be a member of the Ingersoll family who took over the house after Turner.
These are just a few examples from the extraordinary place that is Salem. You don't have to be a ghost hunter, a history buff or even a witch to find a fascination for it, but if you are you're definitely in for a treat 🎃