Roman Colosseum
Rome, Italy

Likely to be of no surprise what has been known to be one of the most haunted buildings in Rome, Italy is the Roman Colosseum. Construction began under the Emperor Vespasian around 70 AD & was completed in 80 AD under the rule of Emperor Titus. It has been the site where hundreds of thousands of humans and animals alike have been slaughtered, through gladiatorial games, executions & more, some say over a million! Naturally such a site would almost inevitably have some permanent tenants - One such apparition that has been frequently reported is of a Roman soldier who seems to be a guard of the place. There have also been many alleged encounters of hearing cries & screams of anguish within its walls as well as apparitions of cheering spectators in the stands & much more. As soon as I arrived, even before stepping foot within I could feel such incredibly heavy & potent energies, it is almost overwhelming. Between the incredibly storied history, the magnificence of such a structure & it’s very haunting energies this was a major bucket list item for me, one that I will never forget.