Oller House
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

When I was in Waynesboro exploring the "1912 Hoover House" I had gone for a quick bar hop around town, while on my walk I couldn't help but notice the Oller House. So when I found out Historic Haunts of Waynesboro was going to be conducting the 1st ever ghost hunt there, I was all about it.

For starters I need to explain about the small town of Waynesboro itself. Established in 1749, it has a rather storied past with involvement in the French & Indian War, Revolution, & was occupied for a short time by the South during the Civil War. I also heard that during the 19th century it was one of the most affluent areas in the country, which is easy to believe when you see all the beautiful old Victorian houses.

Now about the Oller: This hauntingly beautiful "Queen Anne" was built by Joseph J. Oller, a financier, industrialist & philanthropist in 1892. In 1989 it was very graciously donated to the Historical Society by the oldest daughter Rello & has been kept perfectly preserved.

When you see the inside it is hard to fathom why it wouldn't be haunted, hell I might haunt it myself one day ha. Haunted it is indeed, we ended up getting a wealth of EVPs, activity on the spirit box, & reported physical contact. Not bad for the 1st attempt. I want to thank Pam & Steve Barry for the incredible experience & the wonderful hospitality as always at the 1912 Hoover House. Slainte