Noir Dark Spirits
Scranton, Pennsylvania

The reason why I had chose Scranton, PA to kick off this installment of the "Ghosts, Graves, & Good Eats Tour" was to check out the Gothic tapas bar - "Noir Dark Spirits". I must admit it shaped up to become one of my favorite establishments, which is saying a lot. Loved the ambiance & each drink was fantastic, both in taste & appearance. Was very impressed with the food as well, a rather creative & eccentric menu with items such as their "Phlebotomist Dough Injections" consisting of pizza dough skulls stuffed with gouda & mozzarella, covered in garlic pecorino butter & served with a cauldron of spicy bloody Mary tomato sauce & syringes to inject it with. Everything was a work of culinary/mixology art matching the awesome interior. As a nice bonus the "House of 1000 Corpses" theme song was playing to compliment the already incredible soundtrack there. This is definitely my kind of place & perfect way to commence this year's tour 👻🥂