Wherever I go I always have a few specific haunts in mind to explore, but every now & then I stumble upon a hidden gem that I had no idea about. The Mozart Tavern in Goldfield, NV was one such place! The ambiance alone makes it worth a visit, an old western tavern in the heart of a ghost town with skeletons throughout enjoying themselves as much I was. On a side note: while I was having a few beers, a herd of wild donkeys ran up the street right past the tavern & through the intersection as if they were on their morning commute to work. One of the patron’s dogs got all excited & proceeded to bolt out the door and chase after them, immediately followed by its owner chasing after the dog ha. Fortunately the dog came running back when he was called and everything turned out fine, not something you see every day & it certainly complimented the whole Wild West vibe rather brilliantly. The bartenders that I assume may be the owners too were real cool cats & you can’t beat the drink prices. If you’re visiting Goldfield or even passing through en route to somewhere else I highly recommend checking the place out! Another fine haunt 🍻💀

The Mozart Tavern
Goldfield, Nevada