Mizpah Hotel
Tonopah, Nevada

Built in 1907 the Mizpah is one of the most historic & purportedly haunted hotels in NV. The most notable activity there is by the mysterious "Lady in Red", she is believed to have been a prostitute named Rose who was murdered on the fifth floor by a jealous ex. There has also been sightings of laughing children running around the 4th floor, objects moving around on their own, & the basement has been said to be haunted by 2 miners, just to name a few. While exploring the 4th floor on one at some ungodly hr during one of my many stays there prior to knowing its history of activity I did hear the sounds of what seemed to be children echoing about. I then proceeded to walk past all the rooms to see if anyone was still awake but found nothing but dead silence from each & every one! Paranormal enthusiast or not the Mizpah is a beautiful hotel with a lot of history and allure, most certainly worth a visit & one that is now haunted frequently by me 👻🍻