Miller's Church
Hagerstown, Maryland

 Legend has it that in the 1930's a Satanic cult took over Miller's Church out in a small farm town in Maryland & were sacrificing people, soon thereafter the church mysteriously burnt to the ground. If that wasn't enough it is said that a couple was driving on Miller's Church Rd after that & broke down right by where the structure used to be. The man went off to find help & when he returned, his girlfriend was hanging from an oak tree at the very spot where the church was.
In doing more research after finding this rather intriguing tale I also discovered there was another much older church that used to be right up the street. It was built around 1791 & ironically some of the founding members last name was "Hell". The church was apparently very impressive but for whatever reason they dismantled it after only 50 years & got the hell out of dodge.. no pun intended ha.
Miller's Church Rd is pretty much out in the country with a few farms nearby & the surrounding woods. Hard to know what to believe about that spot but after being there in person I can say there's an overwhelming sense that something nefarious went down. Certainly would make quite the horror movie!