Mas Por Favor
Las Vegas, Nevada

I had heard about Más Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila" that had the opened for business of all times in 2020. Running a restaurant is challenging enough in normal circumstances but with all that went on that year it could have been catastrophic. Yet not only did they weather the storm they seemed to flourish even with the limited seating capacity. It ended up becoming the perfect opportunity for me to squeeze in a restaurant review & after dining there I could totally see why. When you 1st go in it pretty much has an eccentric but fairly normal taqueria vibe, that is until you head through a hidden tunnel to the bar! It becomes a gloriously surreal & slightly almost catacombs like work of art & the food was exceptional. Between the ambiance & well.. tacos, need I say more. Awesome place 🤘🌮🍻