The Hollywood Roosevelt
Hollywood, California

Opened in 1927 in the heart of Hollywood, California the Hollywood Roosevelt is the oldest running hotel in LA. It has played host to individuals such as: Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, Carol Lombard, Charlie Chaplin & its eternal regular Marilyn Monroe!
Marilyn has been known to haunt a mirror that was located in her favorite suite, now known as the Marilyn Suite.
There have been ghost sightings of actor by the name Montgomery Clift, seen rehearsing lines & playing trumpet in the hallway.
He is known to haunt room 928.
Then there is room 213.. which seems to be the most active with reports of a headless specter coming towards guests as well as the faucet & TV turning on & off by themselves.
There’s also the apparition of a little girl who has been seen roaming around the hotel & crying out for her mother.
My whole experience this adventure was that of immense energy imprints, it really felt like you were sent back in time & were witnessing things as they did long ago. Which always leaves me to question, who is haunting who?
The Hollywood is an extraordinary hotel, one of the most haunted in Los Angeles.