Haunted Hamburger
Jerome, Arizona

Years ago I began a tradition of visiting the small ghost town atop the mountains of Jerome, AZ & that's where I discovered the "Haunted Hamburger". You know any place that has food & possibly ghosts has my name written all over it 🎃 At the turn of the 20th century it was a boarding house for members of a mining company, then an apartment complex & by the 1940s the building was a private residence. In the 70s it became a restaurant known as the Jerome Palace & then was vacant for a while. The Haunted Hamburger acquired its name when it was bought by Michelle and Eric Jurisin, quickly upon renovating the place they began to experience all sorts of paranormal activity. Hammers being stolen & relocated elsewhere, doors opening and slamming on their own etc. Later a chef was said to have been pushed into a wall, the water faucet turning on by itself & cans flying off the shelves to name a few. There have been customer accounts of a little girl in a dress haunting the place as well as an adult female dubbed "Claire" who has been known to frequent the dining area. Haunted or not the place has become part of my tradition while in town, great food, vibe, view & some excellent locally brewed beers 🍔👻🍻