You would think I was back in Europe but no, tucked away along the Massachusetts coast right outside of Salem in the village of Gloucester, is the impressive "Hammond Castle".

Built around 1929 by the eccentric American inventor & protege of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison: John Hays Hammond Jr. (1888-1965) - it is a magnificent work of art. As a young boy Hammond's family moved to England for a while & that is where he developed his fascination of castles. He became an avid collector of medieval & various ancient artifacts which adorned a new castle when he built his home. His 1st job was at U.S. Patent office where he became quite proficient & knowledgeable about patents which served him well later as an inventor. Like a mad scientist he ended up creating hundreds of inventions & patented them all. This castle he built is quite befitting of the man featuring Medieval, Renaissance, French, Gothic & Romanesque design. As to be expected there are hidden passageways along with many unique and unusual features. Hammond died in 1965 & was buried on the property near his beloved cat. Unsurprisingly there have been multiple reports that he has been known to haunt the place. It is also said that a former groundskeeper who died while working at the castle haunts it as well. There have been sightings of apparitions, ghost pics, videos & more. I would probably haunt the place too if I could for the ambiance alone. If you're in the Salem or Boston area this is definitely worth adding to the itinerary.

Hammond Castle
Gloucester, Massachusetts