While in Dublin, Ireland I just had to stop at the Guinness Brewery, where it all began. The best way to describe the place is that of the beer version of "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory". A rather surreal ambiance along with tasting rooms & displays of Guinness's history, it's an experience. Definitely one of the many highlights of my adventure in Ireland 🍻☘️

"Arthur Guinness was the first in a long line of Guinness Master Brewers and the craft of brewing at St. James’s Gate Brewery was handed down from generation to generation. Arthur himself most likely developed his passion for brewing from his father, Richard, who was said to be in charge of brewing in the Celbridge estate of Dr. Arthur Price, later Archbishop of Cashel’.

On 31st December 1759, the man signed a NINE THOUSAND YEAR lease on St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin. If that’s not belief, we don’t know what is. And now we can see that his belief was a vision. A vision he saw before any of us were even born. His entrepreneurial spirit was on another level."

Guinness Brewery
Dublin, Ireland