With the discovery of gold in the beginning of the 20th century, the aptly named Goldfield quickly became a boom town & the largest in the state at the time with some 20,000+ people living there. It was slated to become the capital of NV & was a thriving oasis in the desert. Sadly a series of unfortunate events of almost biblical proportions including a devastating flood & fire, not to mention the eventual depletion of the mines led to it becoming almost like the American version of Pompeii. Much of the town was abandoned & now there's only about 250 people who still live there. Very surreal place, with many old empty buildings frozen in time for the past century. As expected it has acquired a reputation for being incredibly haunted.

One of the more infamous hauntings is that of the Goldfield Hotel. It is said that one of the original owners: George Winfield ended up getting a woman named Elizabeth pregnant, not wanting anything to do with it he chained her to a radiator in room 109 & supplied her with food & water until she gave birth. No one knows if she had died in childbirth or if she was murdered but sadly Elizabeth had passed away & some say Winfield threw the baby in a mine shaft. Probably of no surprise there have been reports of people hearing a woman & baby crying in room 109! The old abandoned school house is also purportedly very haunted & numerous other buildings as well, after having explored around I would have to say this is one of those places where pretty much the entire town is 👻🍻 Such a remarkable place & quite the cautionary tale for the area.

Goldfield, NV