Always intrigued by old abandoned buildings, obviously for the paranormal implications but for the history as well. An interesting stop on the way back from the D.C. adventure was an old abandoned fort in Maryland, called Fort Washington.

The only real action it saw was during the War of 1812. While the British army was approaching, the American commander of the fort, believing it to be an overwhelming force ordered his men to destroy & abandon it. After the war it was rebuilt & garrisoned to act as a defense of the capitol, especially during the Civil War, though it was never really threatened again. Off & on it stayed in service until after WW2.

It pretty much goes without saying that any storied old building is going to have some permanent residents & I believe this to be of no exception. While doing some research after my visit I had found that the lighthouse seems to be an exceptionally active area. Personally I felt the underground bunkers perhaps may have a few members of the fort's eternal garrison patrolling as well. Either way, Fort Washington is another magnificent waypoint of time travel

Fort Washington
Fort Washington, Maryland