Farnsworth House Inn

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Farnsworth House Inn located in Gettysburg, PA 👻
This beautifully preserved over 200 year old house (now a b&b), has a pretty intense history, most significantly with the battle of Gettysburg.. the bloodiest conflict of the entire Civil War.
Taken over by snipers during the engagement, it was from the attic of this very house where the fatal round was accidentally fired that killed the only civilian to perish in the war - "Jennie" Wade. It was also used as a field hospital & still has around 100 bullet holes in the walls from the fighting. Naturally any building that old is bound to have some eternal residents, but factor in the extreme carnage it witnessed & it's pretty much a certainty. There have been a great many reports of activity & the place has numerous spectral inhabitants, from the battle, individuals who had lived there, & others whose fate tied them to the area over the last 2 centuries. If you're looking to stay at one of the most haunted b&bs in the country.. look no further than one of its most haunted towns. Incredible establishment, definitely recommend it for your spooky adventures 🍻