Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA

Opened in 1829 & was in operation until 1971. Known as "Hell on Earth" it had featured some rather controversial disciplinary practices such as the "sound of silence" where inmates were not allowed to speak, sing or make any sounds whatsoever. Failure to comply could result in being gagged with a metal tongue clamp that chained their tongues to their wrists & there were many other torturous penalties as well.
There have been numerous reports of ghost sightings including one from Al Capone himself who was housed there in 1929. He has said to have regularly screamed in terror claiming that a man named James Clark who was killed in the "St Valentine's Day Massacre" was tormenting him there. Visitors have reported encounters with the ghost of Joseph Taylor who murdered an inmate Michael Duran in 1884 & also quite notable was a locksmith who was doing restoration work in cellblock 4. While removing a 140 year old lock he was attacked & saw faces appear on the cell wall that floated towards him. Visiting the decayed ruins of such a concentration of despair, it is no leap of faith to acknowledge that there are many serving an afterlife sentence. Truly a very intense & intriguing haunt 👻🍻