Castle Halloween Museum
Altoona, Pennsylvania

While looking up haunts on the maps, I spotted a place I had never heard of before called: "Castle Halloween Museum" in Altoona, PA. Knew instantly this was something I had to look into & so I made the journey to check it out. Turned out to be one for the highlight reel & a place y'all are really going to want to add to your bucket list.

This massive Victorian house is owned by Pamela, an incredible 75 year old woman with neon green hair known as "The Halloween Queen". She has been collecting all things Halloween for the past 50+ years & has amassed an amazing collection. Such as all kinds of Victorian decorations, costumes, etc., impressive art gallery including Andy Worhol's Dracula, memorabilia signed by the original Munsters, Elvira, & my personal favorite.. Vincent Price! She also has a bunch of historical artifacts from Salem, Sleepy Hollow & more! She is immensely knowledgeable & passionate about Halloween, I learned all kinds of things I hadn't known before. This is a real hidden gem.

I strongly urge y'all to check it out & soon. Even Pamela will admit she isn't going to be around for all that much longer. You would definitely be missing out if you lose your chance to experience this amazing establishment. Visits are by appointment only so try to call at least a week in advance 🎃🍻