The Carter Brothers House
New Orleans, Louisiana

During the 1930's a girl had escaped from this complex - the home of John & Wayne Carter, her wrists were badly cut and bleeding when she ran to the authorities. They proceeded to raid the place & quickly discovered four others tied to chairs with their wrists slit, along with over a dozen dead bodies that had been drained of their blood. The Carters had been drinking from them with the notion that after 7 days they would become vampires. When the police tried to apprehend them it took about 8 officers to do so with great struggle for the Carters seemed to have extraordinary strength.

The brothers were later convicted, executed & entombed in the family crypt. Years later when another Carter relative died & was to be placed there, it is said that the bodies of the brothers were missing. Even more fascinating is that one of the victims who had survived ended up becoming a serial killer themselves, murdering twice as many people & purportedly drinking their blood as well!

To this day, many sightings of the Carter brothers have been reported here! The new owner has said to have seen them whispering on the third floor balcony, where they seemed to have leapt down to the street below and disappeared into the night.