Boulder Dam Hotel
Boulder City, Nevada

The Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City, NV was built in 1933 to accommodate visitors & dignitaries during the construction of the Hoover Dam, which was at the time called the "Boulder Dam".

Some noteworthy previous guests of the living in this historic building include: Howard Hughes who stayed there while recovering from his plane crash on Lake Mead in 1943, & Boris Karloff ("Frankenstein") who spent a decent amount of time there on a personal retreat of sorts. I too found the place to offer some much needed solace & will always be a fond experience.

I think it goes without saying that there have been many reports of paranormal activity there. Such as: laughing and music coming from the ballroom and restaurant even though they were both closed. There has been the scent of phantom cigar smoke, elevators opening for no reason, room doors slamming shut out of nowhere & ghostly hands grabbing at people. It has also been said that former night clerk Tommy Thompson is suspected of being one of Boulder Dam Hotel's multiple permanent guests.

The hotel also features an art gallery & a fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the Hoover Dam & life (& death) of those in the Boulder City area. Really enjoyed my stay there & definitely recommend it. To sweeten the pot even further it's right up the street from Tom Devlin's Monster Museum. A perfect day in my book.