My adventure in Amsterdam not only introduced me to the beauty, history, incredible eats & eccentricity of this wonderful city but also the many ghosts of the past. Including the historic center that now is a hub of shops, restaurants & bustling with activity had once featured a much darker visage being the site of many executions including the burning of thousands of purported witches who some say still wander the streets around the Royal Palace. Another very infamously haunted area what is known as Bloedstraat or “Blood Street” where the blood of numerous executed prisoners that drained down from Nieuwmarkt to the canal & was also said to be the site of a monastery where they held a council to decide the fate of accused heretics. There are tales of a robber named “Black Matthew” who was thought to have made a pact with the devil who has been reported to roam the streets & there is also the story of Montelbaan Tower that was built in the 1500’s where an entire family was killed while fleeing to it for safety while under attack. They have been said to appear every year on June 2nd reliving that terrible experience. These are but a mere few of the reported hauntings, with such a long & storied history of this amazing place.