"Historic 1912 Hoover House" was built in 1912 in the small town of Waynesboro, PA by a farmer named Ira Hoover. During prohibition the basement became a speakeasy called "The Coal Mine" & years later around the early 80's the house was used as an assisted living home for the elderly.
It is a beautiful place & unlike many other haunts it seems to give the impression that the permanent residents prefer to remain there, for it is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Both Ira & his daughter died in the same room, years apart, & multiple residents when it was a retirement home passed away there as well. People have reported seeing apparitions of patients & nurses, shadowy figures in the former speakeasy, individuals being rolled over in bed as if by a caretaker & even Ira Hoover himself boasting a straw hat & sickle, to name a few.
What makes the place even more exceptional is that it was eventually bought by the current owners - paranormal investigators Pam & Steve Barry, because of its haunted reputation. Not only have they preserved the history of this incredible house for both the living & the dead alike to enjoy, but it has also become an incredible paranormal resort. Ghost Haunting is not only welcome here, but encouraged! I've stayed at a great many haunted hotels/b&bs all over the world, this one really stands out from the rest. I'll definitely be haunting it again 👻🥂

1912 Hoover House
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania